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Shipping oversized freight is an extremely tedious and complex task to undertake. Whether it’s following applicable state regulations or simply loading and unloading oversized freight on and off trailers, there will be much to consider when using this shipping service. To ensure that this service is performed correctly, you’ll need a reliable team to help.

A good heavy haul shipping provider will be able to provide the experience needed to move such massive shipments from start to finish. Strict adherence to state regulations for transporting heavy haul freight is something else that your carrier of choice should be able to provide for you. Fortunately, our logistics team has you covered.

Our team at Heavy Haul and Oversized has the experience and connections to move your over dimensional freight across the country.

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Removeable Gooseneck Trailer
RGN Maximum Freight Dimensions
Max Length
29 ft
Max Weight
42,000 lbs
Max Freight Height
11 ft

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN)

If your oversized freight is a construction vehicle, we offer shipping via removable gooseneck trailer (RGN). The removable neck of this trailer will allow an oversized vehicle to easily be driven on the trailer when loading and driven off when unloading. Due to this unique feature, an RGN trailer is one of the most commonly used trailers for transporting oversized freight. Some of the other features of RGN trailers include the following:
  • Additional axle capability
  • Mechanical or hydraulic gooseneck option
  • Hitches reduce sway and increase balance
  • RGN trailers are more stable
Flatbed trailer with a tarped load traveling down the Highway
Flatbed Maximum Freight Dimensions
Max Length
53 ft
Max Weight
48,000 lbs
Max Freight Height
6 ft

Flatbed Trailers

We can also arrange for your freight to be transported using a standard flatbed trailer. This type of flatbed trailer is extremely common due to the variety of oversized freight that it’s intended to transport. Compared to other types of flatbed trailer variants, the standard flatbed is fairly high off the ground which makes moving tall pieces of freight difficult. However, flatbed trailers can still handle some other types of oversized freight such as:
  • Mobile homes
  • Steel frames
  • Landscaping items
  • Oil and gas rigs
  • Agricultural equipment
Lowboy Trailer carrying Construction Equipment
Lowboy Maximum Freight Dimensions
Max Length
29 ft
Max Weight
80,000 lbs
Max Freight Height
9 ft

Lowboy Trailers

For shippers of heavy haul freight that’s extremely tall, you’ll find our lowboy trailer shipping services be extremely useful. Unlike other types of flatbed trailers, the main deck of a low-boy trailer hangs down extremely low to the ground. This gives taller pieces of freight more clearance when they’re being transported through tunnels or under bridges. Lowboy trailers can come in a few different varieties based on your needs:
  • Fixed neck lowboys
  • Additional axel add-ons
  • Mechanical removable gooseneck lowboys
  • Hydraulic removable gooseneck lowboys
Double Drop Deck Trailer carrying Construction Equipment on a highway
Double Drop Deck Maximum Freight Dimensions
Max Length
49 ft
Max Weight
45,000 lbs
Max Freight Height
9 ft

Double Drop Deck Trailers

The last type of flatbed trailer that we can use to transport your heavy haul freight is our double drop deck trailer shipping service. Double drop deck trailers have a deck that’s above the area of the trailer that attaches to the truck. Then, the deck drops down into the main deck which makes up most of the trailer. The final deck is at the end of the trailer, above where the tires are located. The benefits of double drop deck trailers include:
  • More storage capacity for freight
  • Varying lengths on each deck
  • Easy access for forklifts
  • Clearance for tall freight pieces

Supreme Shipping For Various Heavy Goods

At R+L Global Logistics, we understand how difficult it is to find a carrier that will ship your specific load of freight. Fortunately, we partner with a variety of small carriers that provide heavy haul transportation and are committed to:
  • Safety 
  • Accountability 
  • Visibility
  • Communication
  • Stability 
What also makes Heavy Haul and Oversized great for heavy haul shipping is that our leadership has 80+ years of logistical experience.
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