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Oilfield Transport Services: What You Need to Know

January 13, 2021
 By Heavy Haul and Oversized
Oilfield Transport Services: What You Need to Know
Last Modified: December 20, 2023
Got oilfield equipment hauling challenges? You need an expert heavy haul partner to make the move. The right equipment, permits, and route plan are essential.

Oilfield equipment hauling requires care and consideration. Size and experience matter when it comes to moving this kind of machinery. You need a shipping partner who can do more than deliver, as oilfield equipment hauling requires safe transport, careful handling, and more. No matter whether you’re moving a single load of equipment or relocating an entire operation, a strategic freight partner is essential.

What does oilfield equipment hailing involve? In many cases, you need an expert heavy haul partner to make the move. A flatbed or lowboy trailer is essential equipment and rigging must be secure. Additionally, oilfield equipment often exceeds weight and size limitations, so pulling the proper permits and careful route planning are important considerations. 

Ready to learn more about how a strategic partner can help get your oilfield equipment shipped? See how a strategic freight partner with the right trucking services can get your goods to your next job site.

What is Oilfield Equipment?

The oil and gas industries are complex, as is the equipment used in the field. Oil drilling is a complicated process and takes specialized equipment and machinery. Oilfield equipment is used in the process of extracting oil from the ground. You’ll find that oilfield equipment is often engineered with precision and is designed to be safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Common types of oilfield equipment include:

  • Shale shakers: A shale shaker is used to separate the large solid pieces in the mud or drilling fluid. 
  • Degassers: Degassers get the air bubbles and gasses out of the drilling fluid. Gasses like hydrogen sulfide, methane, and carbon monoxide can make the drilling and extraction processes dangerous, so it is essential that they are removed. There are two main types of degassers: vacuum degassers and atmospheric degasses.
  • Mud cleaners: Just as shale shakers remove solid pieces from the mud or drilling fluid, mud cleaners are mesh screens that prevent solids from entering the mud. 
  • Sand pumps: A lot of different pumps are used in the oil extraction process. Sand pumps move mineral and sand deposits away from the oil drilling site. 
  • Stabbing guides: Pipes need to be in careful alignment to extract oil. Stabbing guides can help ensure everything is lined up properly.

You’ll likely find other kinds of oilfield equipment in use at extraction sites. Much of the equipment used on an oilfield is quite large and can weigh thousands of pounds. It takes a careful and trusted transport partner to move oilfield equipment from site to site.

oilfield equipment hauling with a truck next to an oil rig in a field.

How Do You Move Oilfield Equipment?

Because of its dimensions and weight, oilfield equipment hauling takes careful coordination. You’ll likely need a heavy haul trucking partner to move oilfield equipment. A heavy haul trucking partner has access to the tools you’ll need to move the equipment to and from the field or job site.

You’ll need a partner with access to the right tools when it comes to oilfield equipment hauling.  Specialized trucking equipment is essential. A flatbed truck or lowboy trailer can come in handy. You’ll also need to use the right rigging to keep the equipment in place during transport. You might even need a crane to load the equipment on the truck for transport, too. You’ll know you have the right carrier for the job when they are prepared with the proper tools for oilfield equipment hauling.

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Pulling the proper permits and careful route planning are crucial. Get a fast, personalized quote from our industry experts. 

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You might find that your oilfield equipment exceeds weight and size limitations. This means you’ll need the right permits and route plans in the state your oilfield equipment is transported through. The right freight broker or transport partner will work out these details for you. From making sure fees are paid to pulling the proper permits, seek out a strategic partner who is ready to handle the details and do the legwork.

For example, you’ll need to follow a few rules if you need oilfield equipment hauling in Colorado. Permits are needed for transport. Most oversize and overweight loads can only be on the roads from dusk until dawn, with a few exceptions, in The Centennial State. Additionally, your load cannot exceed 80,000 lbs when traveling on the interstate or 85,000 lbs when taking a non-interstate route. 

These rules and regulations mean careful planning is in order when hauling oilfield equipment. See why leaving the planning to your strategic transport partner can make oilfield equipment hauling an easy job. No matter whether you’re transporting equipment to the next drill site, returning equipment for recovery shipping, or even purchasing new machinery from a manufacturer or even an auction, see how a strong freight partner can get your goods and equipment on the move.

Working walking inside of an industrial sized pipe section

Oilfield Transport Services with Heavy Haul and Oversized

Ready to find a freight partner ready to do the heavy lifting? Let Heavy Haul and Oversized show you how they’ve built their reputation as an industry leader from the ground up. 

How has Heavy Haul and Oversized excelled in the heavy haul trucking sector? By helping businesses overcome challenges. From making sense of the rules of the road to providing the right equipment the first time, let a leader go to work for you.

See how Heavy Haul and Oversized can put in the work when you need oilfield equipment hauling services. The team at Heavy Haul and Oversized is ready to meet your oversize shipping needs with the right carriers and right equipment for the job. Individual needs can vary from load to load, and we’re ready to step up with scaled solutions.

Available equipment and shipping services can include:

  • Removable Gooseneck (RGN) 
  • Flatbed Shipping 
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Catastrophic Recovery Shipping
  • Stepdeck Trailer Transport
  • Double Drop Deck Trailers
  • Cargo Handling Equipment

Put a leader to work for you. Reach out to Heavy Haul and Oversized at (855) 490-2433 when you need a heavy haul freight quote. We’re here to simplify the oilfield equipment hauling process.

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