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Freight Shipping Aircraft Parts

July 22, 2019
 By Heavy Haul and Oversized
Freight Shipping Aircraft Parts
Last Modified: June 2, 2023
Freight shipping aircraft parts, whether for commercial, personal or government use, involves careful coordination. See how a transportation expert can help.

Shipping aircraft parts comes with many concerns. Aircraft parts are expensive assets that need to move carefully. When shipping freight for the aviation industry, you’ll find a number of hoops to jump though and regulations to deal with. From getting the right freight class to determining if your aircraft parts contain dangerous goods, working with the right freight broker can help you make sense of the process.

With so many manufacturers and suppliers in California, shipping aircraft parts is a big deal in the Golden State. To be competitive, these aircraft manufacturers need a logistics partner who can adapt quickly to changes and move products seamlessly. Freight shipping aircraft parts, whether for commercial, personal or government use, involves careful coordination.

There are a number of methods for freight shipping aircraft parts. You might ship aircraft parts via rail or air freight. However, the best method for shipping aircraft parts might be via truckload shipping. Truckload shipping offers a smooth ride, without the jarring of railcars or expense of air shipping. 

Aircraft Parts Freight Class

When you’re shipping goods like aircraft parts via truckload freight, you need to be aware of the items’ freight class. Freight class is a system that carriers use to determine pricing and organize commodities. Freight class is set by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). Freight class is based on density, stowability, handling and liability. 

Aircraft parts are classified by the NMFTA as class number 150. Individual aircraft components might be classified as different classes. For example, a circuit breaker might be class 77.5, while an engine stand might be class 70.

truck hauling aircraft parts

Benefits of Freight Shipping Aircraft Parts

Full truckload freight shipping is a good option for moving aircraft parts in a timely, safe and cost-effective way. Full truckload shipping aircraft parts involves moving bulk goods or pallets that require the use of an entire semi-truck trailer. A truckload shipment might weigh more than 15,000 lbs.  These loads are cost-effective and require less handling than less-than-truckload (LTL) loads. Less handling means a lower chance that your freight is damaged in transit.

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Benefits of freight shipping aircraft parts include:

  • Access to top carriers: Brokers only work with the best carriers in the business, which helps ensure your shipment will arrive on-time and safely.
  • Reduced shipping costs: Truckload freight shipments for aircraft parts can be more cost-effective than air freight and other options.
  • On-time delivery: Your freight broker will match you with a carrier who promises top-notch service with on-time delivery, even with a tight window.
  • The equipment used to move a truckload of aircraft parts can vary based on the kind of part being hauled. Common shipping equipment used to move aircraft parts might include:
  • Temperature controlled or reefer: If your aircraft parts are sensitive to climate conditions, you will likely want to move them in a temperature-controlled or reefer truck. 
  • Dry van: Chances are that if you think of shipping freight, a dry van comes to mind. Most dry vans are either 48 or 53 feet long and can hold 45,000 lbs, which means a dry van truckload shipment can move a lot of products.
  • Flatbed: If you’re shipping bulky, oversized or oddly-shaped aircraft parts, flatbed shipping might be the way to go. However, it is important to keep in mind that fragile and weather-sensitive goods might not be a good fit for a flatbed. 

Freight Shipping Aircraft Parts with Heavy Haul and Oversized

Freight shipping aircraft parts is an easy job when you have the right broker on your side. Let Heavy Haul and Oversized make running your freight shipping easy for you. With top-tier customer service, the latest technology and competitive rates, plan to make your next aircraft parts shipment with Heavy Haul and Oversized. Give us a call at (855) 490-2433.

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