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Farm Equipment Shipping Rates: How Much Does it Cost?

May 5, 2020
 By rltruckseo
Farm Equipment Shipping Rates: How Much Does it Cost?
Last Modified: March 8, 2023
Need to know how much does it cost to ship farm equipment? Heavy Haul and Oversized makes it easy to get a heavy haul rate quote for your farm equipment.

There are many questions that come to mind when you’re thinking about shipping farm equipment. How much does it cost to ship farm equipment? How long will delivery take? What kind of truck and trailer will be used? Finding the answers to these questions can be points of pain for shippers in the farm industry.

Getting answers and solutions to questions about shipping farm equipment is easy when you have a strategic partner on your side. Heavy Haul and Oversized is ready to be your transport ally and help you overcome all kinds of challenges. From determining how much does it cost to ship farm equipment with a hassle-free quote process to arranging delivery, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

What Kinds of Agricultural Equipment Do You Ship?

Farms today rely on all kinds of equipment to get the job done. Machinery and heavy equipment are used to work the land and cultivate crops. Because heavy machines and farm equipment are essential to farm production, it’s not a surprise that many heavy haul trucking companies offer transport services for these oversize-yet-essential behemoths.

Transporting agricultural equipment isn’t an easy job. You need the right tools, the right equipment and often the right permits to get the job done. Because farm equipment is so important to farming operations, it needs to arrive on time and unharmed. This means having the right partner on your side is essential. Heavy Haul and Oversized offers the farm equipment shipping and tractor transport services needed to get your machinery on the road.

You’ll find that we can ship any farm on agricultural equipment you need to move. We can transport agricultural equipment including:

  • Balers
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Commercial Mowers
  • Cultivator Disc Harrows
  • Loaders
  • Planters
  • Seed Drills
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Spreaders
  • Threshing Machines
  • Tractors

Regardless of what kind of equipment you’re shipping, Heavy Haul and Oversized is ready to be your strategic partner. We make it easy to determine how much does it cost to ship farm equipment with an easy quote process.

how much does it cost to ship farm equipment tractor on a flatbed

How Do You Ship a Tractor?

It takes the right equipment, the right tools and the right carrier to manage shipping a tractor. No matter whether it’s an oversize John Deere or a vintage Oliver, our logistics specialists can take care of the heavy lifting when you need to ship a tractor.

In most cases, tractors are shipped on lowboy trucks and trailers. This kind of specialized rig is generally used to haul oversize machinery and equipment, including large tractors. More specifically, a lowboy trailer is a type of flatbed. It sits lower to the ground than a typical flatbed. There are several types of lowboy trailer, including:

  • Fixed Neck Lowboy
  • Removable Gooseneck Lowboy
  • Fixed Gooseneck Lowboy

Depending on the size of your tractor, it might be shipped on a removable gooseneck trailer. This type of trailer is especially handy when the equipment can be driven or pushed onto the trailer bed, which is often the case with tractors.

After the tractor is driven or pushed on the trailer, it is then secured with chains and boomers. Chains might go around the axle or drawbar and then be secured to the trailer’s stakeholder. Chains generally go across and back to secure the tractor in place. Boomers are used to tighten and secure the chains to keep the trailer safe and secure on the road. 

The easiest way to ship a heavy piece of equipment like a tractor is by partnering with the right transportation specialists. This is where Heavy Haul and Oversized comes into the equation. We can make shipping a tractor easy by pairing you with the right carrier and equipment. See what sets us apart from the rest by reaching out for a quote today.

Trailer Types for Farm Equipment Transport

As mentioned above, trailer types for farm equipment transport often include lowboys. However, these aren’t the only options. The right carrier will use the right equipment for your particular job. However, it is important to know that different kinds of equipment have different shipping requirements and require different trailers for hauling.

Some specific trailer types for farm equipment can include:

  • Combines: Need to move on removable gooseneck trailers with attachments to support the wheels. This will be an oversize load and you’ll need the right permits.
  • Harvesters: Large, walk-behind harvesters can be loaded on a removable gooseneck trailer. They require the low clearance and extra strength.
  • Loaders: Step deck trailers are a good option for moving loaders, as they can be driven on the trailer.

Working with the right heavy haul transportation partner can ensure you get your farm equipment loaded on the right trailer. Heavy Haul and Oversized only works with the best carriers on the roads today to help you make sense of moving machinery and agricultural equipment. 

haybaler with enclosed cab and extra tires being shipped on a lowboy trailer

Find Out Farm Equipment Shipping Rates with Heavy Haul and Oversized

Heavy Haul and Oversized makes it easy to answer the questions you have about moving machinery and  agricultural equipment. How much does it cost to ship farm equipment? How do you ship a tractor? What type of trailer do I need? Regardless of your heavy haul queries, we’ll offer the right answer for you. 

With many years of heavy haul experience and many jobs under our belt, Heavy Haul and Oversized has the services, equipment, and expertise required to overcome any challenges you might face when moving farm equipment. Count on us to arrange your shipment and handle the logistics, giving you a hassle-free shipping experience. We only work with the best carriers in the business, which means your freight will be handled with car from pickup to delivery and every mile in between.

From shipping farm equipment to excavator transport, leave your heavy haul freight to the experts. We’re ready to show you what sets us apart from the rest. Find out how much does it cost to ship farm equipment with Heavy Haul and Oversized. Start the process by getting a heavy haul freight rate quote today. Reach out by calling (855) 490-2433 or contacting us online today.

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