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Fiberglass Pool Transport: What You Need to Know

June 8, 2020
 By Jacob Lee
Fiberglass Pool Transport: What You Need to Know
Last Modified: January 18, 2024
Make a splash and get the rundown on transporting fiberglass pools. See how the right frieght partner can make moving these oversize objects easy.

In-ground fiberglass pools are a popular alternative to concrete pools, and many people even use it as a fun DIY project. However, when it comes to transporting fiberglass pools to the site they will be installed, it’s not exactly as simple as you might expect. Since fiberglass pools are manufactured off-site and then transported as one big piece, it takes special equipment to move them on public roads. Heavy Haul and Oversized can be your trusted partner throughout this difficult process!

Transporting fiberglass pools involves complying with oversize shipping regulations, and working with a carrier that is experienced in moving heavy freight. Always be sure to check the qualifications of your carrier partner before working with them to protect your shipment and ensure nothing goes awry during the shipping process. 

How are Fiberglass Pools Transported?

Fiberglass pool installation requires that the shell stays in one piece, so the shipment is considered “nondivisible.” Once manufactured, fiberglass pools are transported on the back of a flatbed truck since they would not fit on any other type of truck. These flatbeds must have the capacity to accommodate the large dimensions of a fiberglass pool shell. The pool shell is then tethered to the flatbed with sturdy straps or cables, which are tightened to ensure the pool does not fly off the truck during the trip. 

Any time a shipment exceeds 8.5 feet wide, 8.5 feet tall, and 53 feet long, it is considered to be oversized in most places. That also comes with a weight threshold of 46,000 pounds, but your fiberglass pool shell is unlikely to be anywhere close to that kind of weight. They tend to fall within the range of 3,000-4,500 lbs, but that depends on the size and thickness of the shell. 

The dimensions of a standard fiberglass pool is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long, but they can often get much longer, exceeding 40 feet with the bigger models. No matter how you look at it, your fiberglass pool will need to be shipped as oversized freight.

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Transporting Fiberglass Pools on a Heavy Hauler

No matter what you call it—wide load, oversize load, heavy haul freight, super load, etc—when you’re shipping something larger than the standard dimensions for a freight truck, you’re going to need to comply with other regulations. Even though a lot of these requirements involve cooperating with the carrier, you can still be held legally accountable if something isn’t compliant. 

 First things first, you’re going to need to secure permits for your shipment to move on public roads—but there’s a catch. You need to secure a different permit for each and every single state your shipment has to move though, so you need to be aware of the planned route and contact the necessary states to get a permit from each one. However, the agency in charge of issuing these permits is going to be different for each state. Sometimes, the Department of Transportation is in charge of this, while other times, it’s the Department of Revenue. Those permits are also not free, and each state has a different price for their permits. 

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Once you’ve secured the right permits, you will then need to ensure that your carrier driver is equipped with the following:

  • The appropriate banner stating “Wide Load,” “Oversize Load,” or a similar statement
  • Flags and blinking lights to secure to the corners of the vehicle, or any section of the shipment that protrudes beyond the width or length of a standard truck
  • Copies of all the state permits
  • Escort vehicles (known as “pilot cars”) to drive in front of and behind the oversize load

Now, although the law does not require any special license or certification for regular truck drivers to haul oversize freight, you need to make sure that the carrier you’re working with is qualified for the job. You don’t want to work with someone who has never moved oversize freight before your shipment. There’s a lot on the line, so you’ll want to play it safe. 

Here at Heavy Haul and Oversized, we partner with only the best carriers. You can feel confident knowing that your freight will be in the hands of an experienced trucker with a track record of successful oversized deliveries. Why settle for anything less?

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fiberglass pool on a crane

How Much does it Cost to Ship a Fiberglass Pool?

Because of all that hassle and the additional regulations that apply to oversize shipments, you can expect your fiberglass pool shipment to be on the pricier side. It won’t be unmanageable, but it will be a lot more expensive than standard shipping rates. With that said, there are several factors that influence the price, including:

  • Fuel costs
  • Distance
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Hassle
  • Borders crossed
  • The market
  • The season
  • The origin and destination
  • Transportation permits
  • Additional regulations

Because of that, there is no way to get a good, accurate idea of the price, since once size does not fit all. There are other factors besides shipping that you’ll have to consider when you get a fiberglass pool. We’ve included some data that show these expenses.

Costs Associated with Fiberglass Pools

Buying a PoolShipping a PoolInstalling a Pool
$52,500$1,500 – $3,000$45,000 – $80,000
Provided by Forbes

As the data shows, there are other expenses you’ll need to consider. The only way to really know the exact costs associated with your shipment is to get a freight quote. With Heavy Haul and Oversized, you can get a quote fast, so you won’t have to wait around when you have a pool to ship. 

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Fiberglass Pool Transport with Heavy Haul and Oversized

Here at Heavy Haul and Oversized, oversize shipping is one of our specialties! We’ve had countless successes with moving oversize freight of all kinds, such as mobile home shipping and farm equipment transport — we even know how to ship trees! If you need help transporting fiberglass pools, or anything else, you know you can count on us to get your shipment delivered safely and on-time.

Benefits of working with us include: 

  • A 99.5% on-time delivery record
  • Multilingual staff
  • World-class customer service
  • Real-time freight visibility
  • Financial strength
  • Flexibility to meet all customer needs

If you’re ready to get started with transporting fiberglass pools, then you can request a freight quote now with no strings attached! Want to do it the old fashioned way? We can give you a quote over the phone too, just give us a call at (855) 490-2433 today!

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