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Oversize Load Rates for Construction Jobs

April 17, 2020
 By rltruckseo
Oversize Load Rates for Construction Jobs
Last Modified: March 8, 2023
Let a strategic partner like Heavy Haul and Oversized do the heavy lifting when you need oversize load rates.

It takes a lot of careful coordination to send an oversize load to a construction job. From sourcing the supplies you need to getting oversize load rates to arranging a crane for delivery, a lot goes into the logistics around a shipment. Heavy lifting is required and a strong shipping partner is needed to make it happen.

We offer more than competitive oversize load rates for construction jobs; you’ll find that we’re ready to be your strategic shipping partner. Learn more, explore our services and options, and see how joining forces can benefit your business.

The construction industry is more important than ever. Projects and jobs continue even as other parts of the economy stagnate. No matter whether your job requires you to move oversize construction equipment or precast concrete, Heavy Haul and Oversized gets it. We are among heavy haul trucking companies that understand that when it comes to your job, time is money. Let us show you how we make light work of heavy haul trucking.

What is an Oversize Load?

In the simplest terms, an oversize load is a shipment that exceeds weight or size limits on a certain kind of roadway. Oversize loads often require heavy haul trucking. Here in the U.S., an oversize load is wider than 8 feet and 6 inches. You’ll find that each state has different requirements of height and length. As a general rule of thumb, oversize loads are higher than 13 feet and 6 inches in height. 

Examples of oversize loads needed for construction jobs might include:

State permits are likely required to oversize loads. Carriers must have a permit for each state they travel through. In many states, you can only get an oversize load permit if your freight is “non-divisible.” This means your freight can’t be separated into smaller loads.

Oversize load requirements often include a pilot car, also sometimes called flag or escort cars.The pilot car warns other vehicles on the road about the oversize load. It must travel ¼ miles to 1 mile ahead of the truck hauling the load. 

From permits, pilot cars and beyond, we can handle every step of moving your oversize freight. We can even insure your shipment to make the whole experience hassle-free for you. We work with the best carriers on the road today to ensure all needs and requirements are met. You can count on us to make getting an oversize load to your construction site simple.

Oversize Load Rates for Construction Jobs

What is Considered an Overweight Load?

Each state and even some cities all have different rules and regulations about what is considered an overweight load. For the most part, an overweight load is when the weight of the truck and load exceeds 46,000 pounds.

Maximum limits can vary by state. For example, in Wisconsin and many other states an oversize load cannot exceed 40 tons or 80,000 pounds. Some states have exceptions, thanks to influence from local industries and lobbies. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this includes load size. The Lone State State allows overweight limits to be exceeded by 2 tons. Nevada can permit overweight load extensions up to 170,000 pounds.

It is important to know that overweight loads can be damaging to highways, bridges and local roads. In fact, studies have found that a single truck carrying a 40-ton load can do as much damage to a highway as 9,600 cars. Overweight load rules and regulations allow states and cities to protect their infrastructure and save on repairs. 

You’ll need to work with your shipping partner to determine the route your freight will take and see if you can meet all oversize load requirements along the way. Our staff of freight experts can manage your oversize or overweight shipment to a construction site or beyond. From getting freight rates to meeting state requirements, we’re here to be your strategic partner throughout the process. We’ll focus on the legwork so you can get to work.

Oversize Load Equipment on the Road 

Oversize load equipment needs can vary. Construction jobs require all kinds of oversize and overweight materials and this means the equipment needed for transport can depend on the job. We only work with the best and most-equipped carriers on the road today. This means we can secure the right oversize load equipment to get goods to your jobsite.

Some of the most common oversize load equipment used includes:

  • Lowboy trailers
  • Removable gooseneck (RGN) 
  • Flatbeds
  • Stepdeck trailers
  • Double drop deck trailers
  • Cranes for load and unloading
  • Pilot cars
  • Escort signage
  • Bar lights for pilot or escort vehicles

Need help with crane transport services? See how an expert logistics partner like Heavy Haul and Oversized has the muscle to make the move.

We can manage your heavy shipment, from offering competitive oversize load rates to arranging carriers and oversize load equipment to planning delivery at your construction site. Count on us to offer heavy haul and oversize services that are a notch above the competition.

oversized load on the highway

How are Oversize Load Rates Determined?

There are a number of factors that go into determining oversize load rates. You can get an accurate oversized load rate for your next construction job by reaching out to us. We make it easy to get a rate quote.

To start the oversize freight rate quote process, you’ll need to know a few facts about your freight. Knowing the cargo length, width, height and weight is essential when determining oversize load rates. You’ll also need to know pickup and delivery destinations.

Generally speaking, oversize load rates will go up as the weight of your load increases. Oversize load rates are usually broken down per mile, so an oversize load that exceeds width limits but not weight limits might be cheaper per mile than a shipment that requires super load trucking. Speaking with a freight expert is the best way to determine your exact per mile cost.

Oversize load rates can vary based on the route traveled, too. Different states have different rules for permits and regulations, and this translates to varying costs. In some states, an overweight permit might cost $10, in other states it might cost $1,200. 

We're eager to give you a competitive oversize freight quote. Our friendly freight specialists are happy to assist and you’ll find that no job is too large for our knowledgeable staff. See how shipping with one of the best oversize load trucking companies in the industry makes sense for your business.

Get an Oversize Load Rate Quote Today

Make getting an oversize load rate quote simple by working with Heavy Haul and Oversized. We are ready to be your strategic partner when it comes to heavy haul trucking. No matter whether your construction site is  across the town, across the region or even across the country, we’re here to handle shipping. We can haul excavators and other construction equipment thanks to our years of heavy haul experience and great network of carriers.

It takes the right experience and know-how to manage oversize loads. You’ll find that Heavy Haul and Oversized is a proven leader in the heavy haul sector. We work with businesses to overcome heavy haul challenges. Our network of vetted carriers has the right equipment to handle any oversize load. We make heavy haul and super load trucking headache-free for shippers.

Get an oversize load rate quote today. Reach out to us online or give us a call at (855) 490-2433.

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